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•  – share motivations, aspirations, frustrations.

•  – draw up a list of stimulating and inhibiting factors in the ongoing process designed to reach an objective .

•  – develop self-esteem.

•  – promote the importance of expertise, knowledge, skills, personal experience and any particular resource.

•  – activate energy and co-operate to the materialisation of a personal and / or joint project, either in a concrete or virtual form.

•  – participate actively and contribute efficiently to the development and production of a project..

Workshops for small groups using various techniques are organised separately or jointly with local organisations involved in a wide variety of social care and socio-cultural sectors:

•  social welfare organisations.

•  sport and health associations.

•  local cultural centres and institutional partners.

•  citizens with special physical or psycho-social needs.

•  senior citizens groups.

Learning and training oneself are essential for personal growth . Our workshops seek to stimulate individuals to enrich their personality, to develop their inner potential and to reach their own goals . A person capable of making his or her dream come true will be happier and more enthusiastic. He or she will feel stronger to materialise his or her professional ambitions .

The learning benefits are not limited to the growth of individual skills: they also help to foster a sense of participation and belonging to a scheme of social development with its cultural, spiritual and intellectual aspects.

Our seminars wish to dissociate themselves from the underlying conception of many « activating » programmes aimed at “inactive persons” and whose aims seem to have commendable intentions but which in fact might give rise to feelings of guilt in case of failure or if the target aimed was not reached.

This is why focus is placed not on a typically hypothetical foreseen result such as “insertion” or “re-insertion” but on the exploration and emulation of personal predilection within small groups on the one hand and on features that characterise each participant individually.

Skills or abilities will not be approached in terms of “qualities” (as opposed to “faults”) attached to the personality or “character” ( “gift”, “worth”, “predisposition”) but will be envisaged and examined in a pragmatic and instrumental way that will make use of their characteristics.

Participation to the seminar activities will allow each one to experiment new ways of acting in a benevolent and understanding environment, reinforcing in the process positive feelings, self esteem and motivation.

The acquisition of knowledge and its practical application with itsf co-operative relations allow individuals to explore different styles of communication, to discover unsuspected cultural aspects of their country, to become purposely involved in the life of their community and to fully play their role as active citizens.


Daniel ODDIE


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